Friday, January 28, 2011

A "WOW" Moment!

Does this ever happen to you?

You work diligently on your one~of~a~kind project or product so that you can "WOW" your visitors with your creative talent and artistic skill...
you put a lot of "brain power" into planning it, scratching a rough drawing of what your mind's eye envisioned as the most beautiful product...
you order, and wait, for all the parts and pieces you need to complete it...
you carefully and meticulously assemble your special product (and, I need to add, you can spend many, many days on this)...
you're not feeling the "WOW" when you're finished?!?!?

I found this old porcelain roses lamp.  The lamp itself was not very attractive but the column, shown here, really caught my eye.

Vintage Pink Roses Porcelain Lamp Column

I love the varying shades of pink and the perfectly shaped roses.  I just KNEW I would be able to create the most gorgeous lamp with this column!  It wouldn't sit too long before somebody just had to have it, and it would be snatched right up.

So, I created the lamp shown below using the roses column.  When the lamp was finished, I was feeling a tad skeptical about my "work of art"!  I wasn't completely convinced that I did justice to my gorgeous find. 

Well, it sat for months and months and months! I was not totally surprised; afterall, if I'm not totally loving it (and I wasn't), how can I expect anyone else to, right?!? I learned that if you don't "WOW" yourself with your creations, there is a good chance you won't "WOW" anyone else either!

After almost 16 months of this lamp collecting dust, occasionally getting in my way, and taking up precious space, I spent this week disassembling it and rebuilding my porcelain roses column lamp! 

Ta da; here it is..

I am happy to report that I had a "WOW" moment when I finished this lamp.  I just adore it!   I don't think I will mind if this sits here for a while!!! 

I think I will go look for another undo~redo project!

Have a wonderful weekend...

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