Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's In Your Cottage Cupboard?

As you will see, my cupboard shelves are completely covered in a total mish~mash of all kinds of collectibles and treasures, and perhaps things that need to go!

I thought about whether or not I should share my disorganized collection!  Since I plan to (someday) clean my cupboard and organize my collections, I figured I'd share my "before" picture!

I have always loved the Old Country Roses China and have acquired some of the chintz collection as well.  Hidden in those shelves is a most beautiful set of Tiffin or Cambrigde deep green glass with gold beading fruit set that my Mother so graciously let me steal from her home many years ago.  I love glass; I love porcelain; I love crystal, etc. etc.

So, until I get around to restoring the glass doors that this cupboard once had, and get my collections in some organized manner, here are many of the things I love:

xoxo ~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some beautiful treasures I found while browsing around...

Aqua Swan Vintage Ceramic Dish Vase Figurine

 Sunflower Transom

Music Chest 

Wintergreen Soap Bouquet

 Pale Blue Dresser

By adding a few similar~color themed accessories that are offered on my site, you have all the makings for one gorgeous living space! 


Have a beautiful day, and stay warm!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Reality ~ My Dreams

Good Friday Morning!
And, what a beautiful day it is!
the sun is shining, the sky is blue...

A most beautiful sunrise to take in

Pretty as a picture, don't you think?

Truth be told, it's about 10 degrees (okay, maybe 15), the breeze is quite steady and strong, so it feels closer to -10 degrees. 

And I'm dreaming about this

Many of the color combinations I use in my wind chimes and chandeliers come from the seasonal canvas of my flower beds, and I long for Spring.

My two new offerings, a funky Bohemian/Gypsy accent lamp and a dazzling deep blue wind chime, bring the gorgeous colors of summer to life in the present, while I dream 


I have yet to master image placement!  But can you see the parallel?!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!