Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Pink Week

This past week was filled with lovely pink and white creations, using lots of crystal prisms and pink and white roses...

First, I finished up this adorable creamy white and pink lamp for a Florida client.  This lamp started out as a baby swag chandelier years ago!  All the vintage components were pieced together
to create this sweet lamp that I embellished with pink crystals, pearls, and rhinestones.  I am delighted that it turned out so beautiful!

My next project was creating this dazzling white and pink chandelier for a client on the west coast.  This darling vintage brass chandelier, painted soft cottage white, has been very generously draped and and dressed in sparkly clear and pink crystal beading and embellished with pink and white roses and rhinestones at the center hub.  Lots of darling petite pink raindrop crystals mix with pink teardrops and antique french pendant crystals to give this fixture a perfect princess look!

While working on custom orders, I took little breaks to work on this sweet pedastel dish!  A gorgous round marble base holds all of these lovely vintage shabby white pieces that I almost completely covered in rhinestones!  Using pink and clear rhinestones, and tiny little pink porcelain roses at the half~way point on the pedastel, this beautiful dish is fit for a princess!  I love the scalloped glass dish with the lip that curves is so unique and adds that special custom touch!  I surrounded the rim with petite pink crystal teardrops and centered the bottom of the dish with sparkly rhinestones.  LOVE THIS DISH!!!

It was a week filled with pink!  I think this coming week will be filled with WHITE.  I have just created a darling petite cherub chandelier that will be a soft cottage white and accented with white roses and clear crystals ~ I can't wait to get started on that one!

And with the time moving forward, it will be light longer in the evening ~ YAY!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Purple Passion!

Purple, amethyst, violet, lilac...
I love using these colors in my work.  Mixing violet and olive or emerald, like this:

Or, lilac with lavender:

I find the color combinations so stunning!

It is such a coincidence that Etsy Cottage Style would do a Purple Passion color feature because I just finished taking photos of a collection of vintage purple hankies that I will offer on my site.  While I am just the biggest fan of glitzy sparkle, I have always had a soft spot for vintage fabrics and  lace.  So I am happy to share my vintage hankie collection, starting with PURPLE!  

Thank you, Etsy Cottage Style, for letting us show off our Purple Passion!

Happy Tuesday and Happy FIRST DAY OF MARCH......we're getting closer to SPRING!!!!