Monday, May 2, 2011

Hanging Your Wind Chime

Here are some ideas for hanging your wind chime.  These ideas can be used whether you are hanging your wind chime in front of a sunny window indoors, or hanging it outdoors from a hook or a tree branch...

Small chain with S hooks...

This wind chime is hanging in my bay window in the kitchen.  There is a plant hook screwed into the ceiling, so I used a standard planter type chain with 2 S hooks.  This chain can be purchased at most home improvement stores or garden centers.  They come packaged in sets of 3 chains with the S hooks.

Available colors:

Ribbon or Tulle...

For this wind chime, I used pink tulle that I purchased at Michaels ~ very inexpensive!  I tied a bow at the loop on the wind chime and then tied another bow to the ceiling hook.  This lends a softer, cottage~type look to the wind chime, don't you think?

Flea Market Jewelry...

This is a multi~strand, shiny beaded necklace that I found at a flea market.  The clasp is sturdy, so I strung the necklace through the loop and clasped it onto the hook.  It not only adds shimmer to the wind chime, but it is an excellent way to reuse old necklaces!

If you have more ideas to share, please post them here!   

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  1. What absolutely beautiful wind chimes. LOVE the string of pearls and crystal prisms. WOW! :-)