Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Purple Passion!

Purple, amethyst, violet, lilac...
I love using these colors in my work.  Mixing violet and olive or emerald, like this:

Or, lilac with lavender:

I find the color combinations so stunning!

It is such a coincidence that Etsy Cottage Style would do a Purple Passion color feature because I just finished taking photos of a collection of vintage purple hankies that I will offer on my site.  While I am just the biggest fan of glitzy sparkle, I have always had a soft spot for vintage fabrics and  lace.  So I am happy to share my vintage hankie collection, starting with PURPLE!  

Thank you, Etsy Cottage Style, for letting us show off our Purple Passion!

Happy Tuesday and Happy FIRST DAY OF MARCH......we're getting closer to SPRING!!!!


  1. The hankies are precious..and I love all of the lavender! ♥

  2. Gorgeous color combos! Lovely share!

  3. Oh how I do love your purple beading! It is just awesome!

    Great hankies too! You have a very beautiful blog and thanks for sharing!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  4. The crystals are absolutely beautiful and I love your hankies! Thanks for joining in on the purple party--we added you to our blog roll at Etsy Cottage Style since you added our badge to your blog!

  5. Wow some very pretty purple pieces. Carol

  6. I've always like the color purple, and amethyst is my birthstone. When I was young, my mom let me paint my room purple! :) I love vintage stuff, too! Those hankies are gorgeous!

  7. Oh I just love the hankies, so very pretty and soft. Reminds me of my mom.